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8 Best Electric Dab Rigs And E-Rigs In 2024 For Beginners

8 Best Electric Dab Rigs And E-Rigs In 2024 For Beginners

When I first got into dabbing I had no clue on what I was doing..  The whole torch thing was just a little to much for me. I was fine if I was dabbing with someone but for me to heat up a dab nail every time just wasn't for me.. 

I wanted something that was reliable and easy to use.. So I did a ton of research and  I came across the Puffco which is an awesome E-rig.. It's by far one of the easiest dab rigs you can get for beginners.. The features and buttons are simple and easy to use. The problem.. It's pretty darn expensive.. in the $400's.. But if you can afford it I would get it.. 

Now for those of you that don't need or want to spend that kinda money on an electric rig our next pick is the Dr. Dabber XS. It's another great rig for beginners that's way more affordable at around $180. 

E-rigs come ready to go, you don't need to buy anything extra. They come with instructions on how to load the concentrates and work them. 

If your looking for something under $100 we would recommend you get the Yocan Evolve. It's a wax pen that does a great job at getting you ripped. It's very simple to use, just like all other vapes. You load the bowl, turn it on, and push the button. 

Alright you ready to get into the top electric oil rigs for beginners.. 

Common Questions About E-Rigs

What Is an E-Rig?

An E-Rig, or electric dab rig, is a device for inhaling cannabis concentrates like wax or shatter. It uses electricity to power a heating element, eliminating the need for a torch. E-Rigs offer precise temperature control for a smoother, more flavorful experience, making them popular among dabbing enthusiasts for their convenience and consistent performance.

What is a E-rig Used for?

An E-Rig, short for electric dab rig, is used for consuming cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, or oil. It provides a convenient and efficient way to vaporize concentrates for inhalation.

E-Rigs eliminate the need for a torch or external heat source, offering precise temperature control and consistent vaporization. Users can enjoy smooth and flavorful hits with minimal effort, making E-Rigs a popular choice among dabbing enthusiasts. facilisi eu a vestibulum morbi porttitor platea metus vestibulum.Ante ullamcorper adipiscing.

How do you use an E-rig?

To use an E-Rig, first power it on and adjust the temperature settings to your preference. Next, load your desired cannabis concentrate onto the heating element or nail using a dab tool.

Once the E-Rig reaches the set temperature, inhale slowly through the mouthpiece while placing the concentrate onto the heated surface. After use, turn off the E-Rig, clean any residue, and maintain it regularly for optimal performance.

How much does an E-rig cost?

The cost of an E-Rig can vary depending on factors such as brand, features, and quality. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 or more for an E-Rig. Basic models with fewer features may be on the lower end of the price range.

Which E-Rig has the best Vapor Quality?

The Focus V Carta 2 leads the market in electric dab rigs for vapor quality, thanks to its large 14mm 3D ceramic atomizer, providing efficient vapor production for both rich flavor profiles and massive clouds. Alternatively, The Core 2.1 offers a budget-friendly option with a similar 3D ceramic atomizer, perfect for users who don't require advanced features.


2024 Best Electric Portable Dab Rigs

Alright are you ready to get into the best E-rigs in 2024? These aren't in any particular order.


Focus V Carta 2

With a satisfaction rate of 95% and an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, customers highly praise the FOCUS V CARTA 2. Users describe it as their go-to rig, emphasizing its quality, convenience, and value. The online buying experience is noted for reliability and trustworthiness. Some users mention a slight delay in warming up but appreciate the stellar performance once ready. Others highlight the Carta 2's superior power delivery system, resulting in more vapor and smoother hits. 


New Puffco Peak Pro

Customers rave about the Puffco Peak Pro, hailing it as a game-changer in dabbing. They applaud its full control, easy cleaning, and exceptional flavor delivery. One user, impressed by its performance compared to the older model, highlights its improved hitting capacity, faster heating, and longer-lasting battery. Newcomers find it easy to use and enjoy its flavor and captivating lights. Despite initial price hesitations, they find the investment worthwhile for its quality and efficiency. 

Dr. Dabber XS

Customers are generally impressed with the XS, praising its convenience and performance. However, there are concerns about its battery life and potential for product wastage due to bubbling onto the glass. Despite these issues, users appreciate its compact design and ease of use, with one noting its stability even when knocked over.


The Core

The Core 2.1 vaporizer has garnered mixed feedback among users. While some users laud its ability to produce impressive clouds and its easy maintenance, others have experienced issues with device malfunction after a relatively short period of use. Despite these setbacks, many customers appreciate the convenience and quality offered by this vaporizer. It stands out for its user-friendly design and efficient performance, making it a viable option for those seeking a reliable vaping experience.

Boost EVO

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO offers impressive vapor quality, particularly notable for its temperature range, reaching up to 750°F. While some users may find the exterior to feel somewhat cheap, the focus on the atomizer ensures a trade-off that many can accept. This e-rig stands out for its adaptability, catering to users who prioritize versatility in their vaping experience. Additionally, a pro tip suggests filling the bubbler with hot water for optimal performance.

Pulsar Rok

The Pulsar RoK combines the functionality of an electronic nail with the design of a rig. Featuring a bubbler and coil-less heating source. With its convenient one-button operation. Users can easily power on the device, set the temperature, and activate RoK mode. This simplicity makes it an ideal choice for beginners seeking an effective conduction-based device.


Puffco Peak Smart Rig

This rig is described as very convenient, but some users feel it lacks power and needs more frequent charging and cleaning. While it's praised for its ease of use, some find the battery weak, with limited session durations. The self-turn-off feature is suggested for improvement. Despite its convenience, some users express disappointment, preferring cartridge vapes instead. However, others, particularly newcomers to concentrates, find it easy to use and love it.


VLAB Halo V2 Smart E-Rig

Users have varied experiences with this device. While some express love for its travel-friendly design, ease of use, and effectiveness, others encounter difficulties with maintenance, charging, and consistency of performance. Positive feedback emphasizes the importance of thorough cleaning, including the coil and silicone insert, for optimal functionality.


VLAB Halo V2 Smart E-Rig

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