How To Use & Buy Bongs For Beginners | Ultimate Guide

How To Use & Buy Bongs For Beginners | Ultimate Guide

If you've never smoked a bong before then let me tell you.. your in for a real treat.. 

and if you don't know how to use a bong then today is the day your going to learn and make

 your first bong purchase.. I remember the first time I smoked a bong..  I was back in my 

early 20's and the bong I was about to take on.. A 6 foot giant of bong.. I had no idea how to 

use this big ass bong. I felt so ignorant for a min but what I needed was a chair and 

someone to light the bowl for me..  I took the biggest rip of my life.. I watched the smoked

 fill up the bong.  My heart was racing of excitement like yeah I'm about to be soo stoned.  lol but little did I know I was about to have the panic of my life.. 

After an endless 10 mins of coughing I started to panic. I had this overwhelming fear come over me.. I had reached 

a new limit of getting high lol I calmed down after a couple hours but it was a big lesson


Don't play with a bong if you've never smoked one before.. and don't use a 

6 foot bong as your first bong rip. Alright ready to get into How To Use Bongs For Beginners?

How To Use Bongs For Beginners

What are the cons of bongs?

Using bad bong water or poorly made glass can present cons when using bongs. Firstly, bad bong water can produce unpleasant odors and tastes, detracting from the overall smoking experience. Additionally, it can lead to the growth of bacteria or mold, posing potential health risks. Secondly, poorly made glass bongs may be more prone to breakage or cracking, especially with frequent use or mishandling, resulting in the need for costly repairs or replacements. Therefore, it's essential to maintain clean water and invest in quality glassware to ensure a safe and enjoyable smoking session.

What are the pros to smoking a bong?

Using a bong offers smoother hits due to water filtration, resulting in less harsh smoke. The filtration process also enhances the flavor by removing impurities. Bongs allow for more efficient consumption by delivering larger doses of smoke or vapor per hit. The cooling effect of the water makes inhaling more comfortable, especially for those with sensitive lungs. With a variety of designs available, users can choose a bong that matches their preferences and style.

Are bongs healthier to smoke?

Bongs can offer a smoother smoking experience due to water filtration, potentially reducing the harshness of smoke. However, while they may be less irritating, smoking from a bong still poses health risks associated with inhaling combusted material. Therefore, while bongs may offer some benefits, they are not necessarily healthier than other consumption methods like vaping or edibles.

What's the meaning of "Smoking a Bowl"?

"Smoking a bowl" involves the process of preparing and consuming cannabis by filling a pipe or bowl with ground cannabis flowers, igniting it with a lighter or match, and inhaling the resulting smoke. This method allows users to control the dosage and experience the effects of cannabis through inhalation.

Do bongs leave a smell?

Yes, bongs can leave a smell, particularly after use. While the water filtration in bongs can help reduce the intensity of the odor compared to other smoking methods, there may still be a lingering smell of cannabis smoke in the surrounding area. Regular cleaning and proper storage can help minimize the smell associated with using a bong.

Before you buy a bong

Before we start if your interested in learning how to use a dab rig or the best dab rigs

 for beginners check out that post.. 

When making any significant purchase, like a bong, it's easy to get lost in the specifics.

Before diving into browsing options, it's essential to nail down a few key factors. 

Consider your frequency of use. The number of people in your household who will be using 

it and whether your living situation allows for exhaling without triggering fire alarms.

Another thing to make sure you checking is the bong brand.. You don't want to buy a 

bong that is crap and will break easily. You want to buy a bong from a reputable seller

What To Look For In a Bong

buy bong

When your picking your bong there are few things you want to consider. The to main ones are the size of the bong you want and the material it's made out of..

You might of smoked some weed out of soda can or tin foil but that is such a horrible way to smoke

 weed. The size of the bong you pick is really up to you. But just remember the big the bong the bigger

 the rip typically. Since your probably a beginner to smoking bongs you should stick with

 a 8-12inch bong. Here's a list of the Best Bongs In 2024 for beginners These are good size

 bongs for beginners and anyone really. You don't need a huge bong to get ripped. 

You can always just replace the size of the bowl with a bigger one allowing for more weed to be burn. .

 we'll talk bowl sizes later Next you want to think about material.. I would highly 

suggest you stay away from plastic bongs. Smoking plastic is harmful and those cheap  plastic bongs suck ass.

The types of bongs you can buy

Glass (Borosilicate or "scientific" glass-  as well as ceramic bongs, stand out as the gold 

standard due to their durability, heat resistance, and above all, safety for smoking. 

Opting for a clear or translucent one is advisable since it's easy to notice when they 

require cleaning and a thorough scrub (more details on cleaning will follow later).

Silicone- (Another option to consider is silicone bongs, which offer a lower quality but

 come with a significantly cheaper price tag. They also boast easier cleaning due to their

 squishy and malleable nature, allowing you to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies. 

How ever you should know you must have a glass bowl like the one in the image to use a silicone bong.

Plastic- (Avoid purchasing a plastic bong at all costs. Heating plastic releases 

carcinogenic chemicals that can severely impact your health in the long term.)

Understand The Parts of a Bong

parts of a bong

Familiarizing yourself with bong anatomy empowers you to make informed decisions when buying or customizing your own piece. It will also make it easier to buy replacement parts if something does break on your bong.

Mouth Piece- To draw smoke into your lungs, it must travel through the bong tube and exit

 through the mouthpiece. This is typically situated at the end of the tube or neck, where you

 place your mouth to inhale. Most bongs feature a horizontal mouthpiece as the

 standard design, although angled models are also prevalent. This configuration 

enables you to inhale smoke comfortably without needing to bend or hover over the bong.

Bong Tube- The bong tube stands out as one of the most prominent features of a bong, 

alongside the water chamber. Following the smoke's journey through the downstem 

and into the base, it ascends through this section to reach the mouthpiece. 

Typically, the neck and mouthpiece form a unified component. This part of the bong is

 usually the longest and extends from the base, often incorporating a percolator. 

While bong tube designs are commonly straight, some may feature bends or curves. 

Borosilicate glass is frequently used to craft bong necks, allowing users to observe 

the smoke as it ascends and is inhaled, enhancing the visual aspect of the smoking experience.

Base Water Chamber- The base of a bong, also known as the water chamber, sits at 

the bottom of the pipe and holds water to filter and cool the cannabis smoke before

 inhalation. Users often add ice cubes for an enhanced cooling effect. It also collects 

the smoke from the burning dry herb in the weed bowl.  Bong bases come in various 

shapes—beaker bongs have a wider base, while straight or round bases are also available.

 Straight-based bongs are smaller with a single-cylinder form, while beaker 

and round bases offer larger chambers for bigger hits.

Joint-The joint serves as the connection point between the bong base, downstem,

 and bowl. Typically, it's where the downstem is inserted, although some bongs may not

 require a downstem, allowing the bowl to fit directly into the joint. 

Joints can be male or female-ended, depending on your bong's design.

A female joint accepts a male bowl, while a male joint accepts a female bowl. 

Understanding your joint size is crucial for fitting the correct downstem or bong bowls. 

Joint sizes commonly come in 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, with 14mm being the most 

prevalent and preferred size. It offers sufficient airflow without impeding drawing. 

In contrast, an 18mm joint tends to be too large, resulting in faster burning of the herb in your bowl.

Downstem- The downstem serves as the passage for smoke from the burning cannabis

 in the glass bowl to the water chamber. Its primary function is to direct the smoke for

 cooling and filtration by the bong water. It's crucial for the downstem size to match that

 of the joint and bong bowl. For instance, if the joint is 14mm, a 14mm downstem is 

required to fit it. The characteristic gurgling sound heard during bong hits is produced

by a diffused downstem as bubbles filled with bong smoke form, aiding in smoke percolation.

Bong Bowl- The bowl of a bong serves as the receptacle for holding your cannabis during

 smoking, marking the initial step for most users and a pivotal component in bong anatomy. Bowls vary in shapes, styles, and sizes, but all serve the same purpose—to contain 

your ground dry herbs. After placing your herb into the bowl, you can insert the bowl

 into the downstem or directly into the joint. Common bowl sizes include 10mm, 14mm, 

and 18mm, with options for both male and female joints. A male-jointed bowl is

 compatible only with a female joint, and vice versa.

Where To Buy a Bong From

where to buy a bong

Alright so you've learned the best bong brands, types of bongs to buy and the break down of a bong. 

It's time to find your new bong. Now that you know of some bong brands lets look at websites

 that sell those brands. Bongafide has tons of bongs from these brands. 

We've done all the research

 for you on finding a reputable seller. If you didn't want to get it from us you 

can check out sites like Smoke Cartel, Grasscity, Dank Stop and 420 Science.

How To Use Your New Bong

Sweet you now now where to buy new bong but now how in the heck do you use it correctly.

 Where do you put the water in the bong? Do I have to inhale the smoke? There are 

probably a ton of questions running through your mind but lets just break it down real fast.

 It's super simple.

Step 1- Add Water- Begin by filling the base of the bong with water. Pour water into

 the chamber until it sits just above the bottom of the downstem, ensuring 

proper filtration and cooling of the smoke.

Step 2- Load The Bowl- Properly packing the bowl is key to a smooth hit. Use a grinder 

to break up your herb. If you don't have a grinder yet we have some top quality ones. 

check out this top list of grinders.. Another pro tip is to use a rolling tray to dump all 

your weed on too. Start by placing larger pieces at the bottom of the bowl for optimal

 airflow, then add finer ground weed on top. Avoid overpacking to maintain airflow.

Step 3- Position Mouth- Create a seal by placing your lips inside the mouthpiece rim

 rather than around its outer edge. This natural grip facilitates easier inhalation and

 prevents accidental ingestion of bong water.

Step 4- Light the bowl- Light one side or corner of the packed bowl while gently

 drawing air through the mouthpiece until the chamber fills with milky smoke. 

Lighting the edge of the bowl ensures even burning and preserves herb flavors.

 Consider using hemp wick for a cleaner taste experience.

Step 5- Inhale- Inhaling from a bong requires precise timing and control. 

As you light the bowl, gently inhale and pull air through the burning herb to generate smoke. 

The smoke travels through the downstem and into the water chamber until full.

Then, inhale more forcefully while removing the bowl or opening the carb to allow fresh air 

into the bong, pulling the smoke up through the tube and out the mouthpiece into your lungs.

 Be sure to clean your bong once your done using. This will keep from bacteria 

from growing and allow the best taste.. Here's a complete guide on how to clean a bong the right way.

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