11 Best One Hitter Dugout In 2024 For Light Smokers

15 Best One Hitter Dugout In 2024 For Light Smokers

Most people looking to use a dugout one hitter are looking to be discreet and just take the edge off. You don't really get super stoned when you use them. There's nothing wrong with that either.. I personally have a couple dugout one hitters.. They are great for keeping the smell down and not really having to keep touching the weed.
There aren't much difference in dugout one hitters. If you have a solid pipe like the ones on this list you can pretty much pick anyone of these one hitters.
We included the top dugouts from the top brands so you can assure your getting a reliable piece.
If you want to know what one we think you should buy, we would highly suggest you check out the RYOT Magnetic Dugout.. It comes in tons of colors too.
It's by far the easiest to use. The Dugout is solid. It doesn't open randomly in your pocket from shifting around, The pipe never gets stuck in the dugout and is easy to take out and put back in. You can hold a nice amount of grounded up weed in the storage chamber allowing you to reup less often.

What is a Dugout?

A Dugout One Hitter is a small, discreet smoking device typically used for consuming tobacco or herbs. 

It consists of two parts: a narrow tube (the "one hitter") and a small container (the "dugout"). 

The one hitter is designed to hold a small amount of material, just enough for one inhalation or "hit." 

The dugout usually has two compartments, one for storing the one hitter and the other for storing additional material. 

Dugout one hitters are popular among individuals who prefer a portable and inconspicuous way to smoke. They are commonly made from materials such as metal, wood, or acrylic.

How do you hit a one hitter dugout?

  1. Fill the one hitter: Use a grinder  to break up the weed. Empty the grinder on a rolling tray. Pack the material into the narrow end of the one hitter. Be sure not to overpack it, as this can make it difficult to inhale.
  2. Retrieve the one hitter: Open the dugout by sliding or twisting the lid to access the compartment containing the one hitter. Pull out the one hitter and hold it in your hand.
  3. Ignite the material: Using a lighter or a match, apply flame to the packed end of the one hitter while inhaling gently through the mouthpiece. Be careful not to apply too much heat, as this can cause the material to burn too quickly or produce harsh smoke.
  4. Inhale slowly: As you continue to apply heat, inhale slowly and steadily through the mouthpiece of the one hitter. Take a small puff to gauge the strength of the smoke and adjust your inhalation accordingly.
  5. Exhale and clean: Once you've inhaled the desired amount of smoke, release the flame and remove the one hitter from your mouth. Exhale slowly and enjoy the effects. Afterward, use a cleaning tool (often included with the dugout) to clear any leftover residue from the one hitter.

Replace and store: Once you've finished, carefully insert the one hitter back into the dugout compartment. Close the lid securely to keep it safe and discreetly stored for future use.

Does a Dugout Save Weed?

Yes, one hitter dugouts are designed to help conserve tobacco or herbs by limiting the amount that can be packed into the one hitter at one time. 

Unlike larger smoking devices that may require more material for each use, the small size of a one hitter dugout allows users to portion out smaller amounts for each session. 

This can help users manage their consumption more efficiently and avoid wasting excess material. 

How To Clean a One Hitter Dugout Pipe?

To clean a one hitter dugout pipe, begin by emptying out any remaining tobacco or herb residue. Then, utilize a cleaning tool or pipe cleaner to eliminate buildup from the inside of the one hitter. For a thorough clean, soak the one hitter in Res Gel by Ooze, a specialized cleaning solution. After soaking, gently scrub the one hitter with a brush to remove any stubborn residue. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow it to dry completely before reassembling and storing it for future use.

Do one hitters hit harder?

One hitters can provide a more intense hit compared to larger smoking devices due to their smaller size and concentrated design.

However, the strength of the hit may vary depending on factors such as the potency of the material and the user's inhalation technique.

What's the purpose of a one hitter dugout?

The purpose of a dugout one hitter is to provide a portable, discreet, and efficient way to consume tobacco or herbs. It allows users to easily portion out small amounts of material for individual sessions, making it ideal for on-the-go use. Additionally, the compact design of the dugout one hitter makes it convenient to carry and use discreetly in various settings.

What makes a good one hitter?

A good one hitter often features durable materials such as metal, glass, or ceramic, and may be produced by reputable brands like Pulsar, LA Pipes, or Cheech & Chong. 

It should have a user-friendly design for easy use and cleaning, portability for on-the-go convenience, efficiency in delivering satisfying hits with minimal waste, discreetness in appearance, and potentially customizable features to suit individual preferences.

Best Smell Proof Dugout One Hitters For Light Smokers

RYOT Magnetic Dugout

Take your smoking game to the next level with the RYOT Acrylic Magnetic Dugout.  Designed with an ergonomic pistol grip, this compact unit offers both comfort and convenience in one sleek package. Crafted from durable acrylic, this dugout is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring countless smoke sessions 

Grav Labs Dugout Pipe

The GRAV® Dugout is a portable smoking system designed for on-the-go use, featuring cannabis storage and a one-hitter in a sleek aluminum package. It includes separate compartments for storage and the spring-loaded aluminum taster, with a polycarbonate window for supply checks and a stainless steel pin for easy bowl clearing.

Cheech & Chong Dugout

For those who enjoy quick smoke breaks while on the move, the Cheech & Chong Dugout is the ultimate companion. Compact and discreet, this pocket-sized dugout is specifically designed for on-the-go hits.

Famous X Dugout

The Famous X Dugout is your ideal choice. With its modern design and three color options, it's both stylish and inconspicuous. Crafted from solid aluminum, it's pocket-friendly and durable. Packing your herb is easy, and taking a hit is a breeze. Just push the metal digger one-hitter bat into your stash, pull it out, light up, and enjoy!

Pulsar Curved Wood Dugout

For active tokers who prioritize discreet smoking on the move, the Pulsar Curved Wood Dugout is the perfect companion.
Crafted with a smooth hardwood finish and featuring a pistol grip design, this dugout offers both style and stealth. 

Puff Puff Pass Dug Out 

Meet the Puff Puff Pass dugout from Famous Brandz, a true epitome of style and sophistication. Crafted entirely from aluminum. Available in black, green, purple, and red, this beautiful dugout adds a touch of elegance to your smoking routine.

Bearded Subby Dugout

This dugout offers a classic design with a unique twist, making it ideal for dugout enthusiasts seeking something extra. Each pack includes one wood stubby dugout and a glass chillum, ensuring a complete smoking experience.

Aluminum Dugout And Chillum

The Daily High Club Aluminum Dugout and Chillum boasts a compact, portable design, ideal for spontaneous adventures. Crafted from durable aluminum, it promises longevity, ensuring countless smoking sessions ahead. 

EYCE Solo Silicone Dugout

If plain wood dugouts aren't your vibe, then you're in for a treat with the Solo Silicone Dugout by EYCE. This one-of-a-kind dugout is not only virtually indestructible but also comes in an array of vibrant colors to suit your style. 

Jane West The Classic Dugout 

Experience elevated living with Jane West's innovative take on the modern dugout. Reminiscent of a classic pocket flask yet ingeniously different, 'The Classic' stands tall at 7 inches, ready to bring the party to life. 

Franklin Wood Dugout Kit

Franklin Wood Dugout Kit by Heady Dad. Crafted from real wood, this kit features two compartments: one for your ground herbs and the other for the included glass one-hitter pipe.