Best Way To Clean a Bong Is Not Isopropyl | Try This Instead

Best Way To Clean a Bong Is Not Isopropyl | Try This Instead

Easiest Way to Clean a Water Pipe & Dab Rig in Just 60 Seconds

My buddy came over the other day and just bashed me for having a dirty bong.. He would not shut up about how it was so dirty and he wasn't going to smoke anything out of it until I cleaned it..  I told him dude this bong is going to take a good minute to clean.. I'm trying to smoke now lol.. 

But like any good stoner would do.. I cleaned out the damn bong so he would be happy and enjoy his high.. It only took 35 minutes to get the bong clean enough for him to smoke.. 

I have a bong that has lots of curves and twist so cleaning is a hassle. I've tried using Isopropyl, hand sanitizer, hot water and a few other things.. But nothing seem to really get the bong clean.. Everything always leaved a light brown stain to my glass. 

I just couldn't get it cleaned no matter how hard I tried..  My friend who watched me for 35 minutes shaking the hell out of my bong..  Tells me "Dude why didn't you just get some resolution gel.  I said WTF is that bro and why are you just now telling me about this... 

He thought it was funny, then goes to tell me it's a solution for cleaning bongs and glass. 

I said that would of been useful to know 45 minutes ago brotha.. lol.. Today your going to learn how awesome resolution gel is at cleaning your smoking accessories like grinders, hand pipes and anything else sticky.. 

Ready to get started?

2 Things You Don't Want To Clean Your Bong With..

things to not clean your bong with

Lets go over why you don't want to use isopropyl and salt to clean your bong. There is some research to back up how toxic it can be to your health. 

1. Do Not Use Alcohol to Clean your Water Pipes

Isopropyl alcohol contains high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), with its composition being 100% VOC.  In states like Colorado and California, it's illegal to dispose of isopropyl alcohol down the drain due to its hazardous nature to the environment.

Inhaling isopropyl fumes can exacerbate preexisting respiratory issues such as asthma. To prioritize lung health and minimize exposure to alcohol, it's advisable to avoid using isopropyl alcohol for water pipe cleaning.

There's a much safer alternative.. and that's Resolution Gel..  contains only 3% VOC, making it both safe for users and environmentally friendly. 

Discover how to clean a water pipe effectively without relying on alcohol through our comprehensive step-by-step guide.

2. Do Not Use Salt to Clean your Water Pipes

The internet is filled with numerous recommendations for cleaning water pipes, ranging from baking soda and table salt to dish soap and vinegar. While some DIY methods may seem appealing, they can often be inefficient and time-consuming. Not only that when your bong starts to scratch it will leave little divots. The resin will start to build up and its going to be super hard to clean.

How To Correctly Clean Your Bong & Dab Rigs In 2024

how to clean your bong correctly

In traditional water pipe cleaning, you would typically empty the water pipe, disassemble it, soak the smaller parts for hours.   Pour salt and isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) inside the pipes, scrub the water pipe, and let the solution soak until the water pipe is clean. The use of lemon in this process remains a mystery.

With Resolution, cleaning your water pipe becomes much easier and faster, taking only about 60 seconds. 

Before cleaning, prepare by pouring out the water from your water pipe and removing the downstem and bowl piece.

How To Clean Your Bong In 60 Seconds 

Alright are you ready for the fun part. This is only going to take minute to do so you'll be able to get back to taking bong rips shortly.  Also if you have a dab rig follow the same process.. 

Step 1. Shake Resolution Gel Bag

Give the Resolution gel pipe cleaner a gentle shake for about 5 seconds to activate all the low VOC cleaning ingredients. 

Don't stress it too much; a brief shake will suffice. If you're using a new Resolution water pipe cleaner pouch, tear open the top of the bag to access the product.

Step 2. Pour Water Pipe Cleaner into Bong

In approximately 35 seconds, place the downstem and bowl piece directly into the pouch and allow them to sit for 30 seconds. Note: If you have other small pipes or dugout one hitters you can use the res gel.

Then, pour the water pipe cleaning solution into the dirty glass pipe, ensuring to cover any resin buildup thoroughly. 

Swirl the gel around and shake gently if you're using Res Caps to block the entry points of the water pipes. Let the gel stay in the water pipe for about 20-30 seconds to effectively clean it.

Step 3. Rinse Off Water Pipe and Smaller Pieces

In approximately 20 seconds, pour the gel back into the Resolution gel pouch. 

Rinse the water pipe, downstem, and bowl pieces with warm water. Dry them off with a paper towel, and you've completed an easy water pipe cleaning in just 60 seconds!


Salt and alcohol, while inexpensive, are no longer the optimal choices for cleaning your water pipe in 2024 and beyond. Instead, consider using Res Gel, a natural clay-based solution that is both safe and simple to use.

 With Res Gel, you can clean your water pipe without worrying about environmental hazards, flammability, or damage to your glass. 

The process is as easy as pouring, shaking, and rinsing for a thorough clean. With such a straightforward method of maintaining your water pipe, you'll never dread the cleaning process again.

What is the best thing to clean a bong with?

The best way to clean a bong is with Res Gel. This natural clay-based solution offers a safe and effective method for thoroughly cleaning your bong without the need to worry about environmental hazards, flammability, or damage to your glass. Simply pour, shake, and rinse for a hassle-free cleaning experience. With Res Gel, maintaining your bong has never been easier or more convenient.

How do you clean a dirty bong without alcohol?

To clean a dirty bong without alcohol, you can use Res Gel, a natural clay-based solution. Here's how:

  • Pour a sufficient amount of Res Gel into your dirty bong.
  • Allow the Res Gel to sit and work its magic for a few minutes.
  • Use a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner to scrub the interior of the bong thoroughly.
  • Rinse the bong with warm water to remove the Res Gel and loosened residue.
  • Repeat the process if necessary until your bong is sparkling clean.

With Res Gel, you can effectively clean your dirty bong without the need for alcohol, ensuring a safe and hassle-free cleaning experience.

Can you use soap to clean a bong?

Yes, you can use soap to clean a bong. However, it's essential to use a mild, non-toxic soap and rinse the bong thoroughly afterward to ensure no soap residue remains.

Will hydrogen peroxide clean a bong?

Yes, hydrogen peroxide can clean a bong effectively. Dilute it with water and let it soak, then rinse thoroughly. However, be cautious as it can potentially damage or discolor the bong if used at high concentrations or left on for too long. Always follow safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations when using hydrogen peroxide or any other cleaning agent.

Can I use boiling water to clean my bong?

Yes, you can use boiling water to clean your bong. It can help loosen and dissolve stubborn residue, making it easier to remove. However, be cautious when using boiling water, especially with delicate glass pieces, as sudden temperature changes can cause thermal shock and potentially crack or shatter the bong. To minimize the risk, allow the water to cool slightly before pouring it into the bong, and avoid pouring boiling water directly onto cold glass surfaces. Additionally, always handle hot water with care to prevent burns or injuries.

Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my bong?

While hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can help dissolve some residues, it is not recommended for cleaning a bong. 

Hand sanitizer often contains additional ingredients like fragrances and moisturizers that can leave residues behind, leading to a sticky or unpleasant taste. 

Moreover, hand sanitizer is not designed for cleaning glassware and may not effectively remove stubborn resin buildup. It's best to use dedicated bong cleaning solutions or methods to ensure thorough and safe cleaning without risking damage or leaving residues in your bong.

Why does my bong taste so bad?

If your bong tastes bad, several factors could be at play. Residue buildup from previous use, stale water, and dirty components like the downstem and bowl can all contribute to an unpleasant taste.

 Additionally, trapped moisture can lead to mold or mildew growth, further worsening the taste. Regular cleaning and replacing the water are essential to prevent these issues.

 Investing in a higher-quality bong made from better materials can also help improve the taste of your smoking experience. By addressing these factors, you can eliminate the bad taste and enjoy cleaner, smoother hits from your bong.