10 Best Bongs For Beginners in 2024

19 Best Bongs For Beginners in 2024

Best Bongs You Can Buy In 2024 For Beginners

Look we get it, buying your first bong can be a little over whelming.. I mean there are 1000's of bongs you can choose from.. But what one is best for a beginner..

I didn't spend more than $150 on my first bong and I had it for years..  Now looking back at it, I wish I would of gotten a bong with an ice catcher and that it wasn't so big. I believe the bong I got was around 12".. It was just to much bong for me and my bong rips were harsh.  

When you use a bong that has a spot to add some ice it makes taking bong rips so much smoother. 

Being a beginner and your getting your first bong there are a few things you want to keep in mind.. 

Bong Size

Bongs come in a plethora of sizes and shapes, catering to various preferences and needs. Smaller, handheld bongs are convenient for solo sessions and portability, while larger bongs with multiple chambers offer enhanced filtration and cooling for group sessions. Consider where you'll primarily use the bong and the storage space available.


The material of a bong greatly influences its performance and durability. Glass bongs are favored for their ability to deliver smooth hits and retain flavor purity. Acrylic bongs offer affordability and durability, making them ideal for beginners on a budget. Silicone bongs are virtually indestructible and often feature collapsible designs, perfect for travel. Ceramic bongs provide unique aesthetics and can be decorated with intricate designs. Metal bongs are sturdy but may alter the taste of smoke. Consider your preferences for taste, durability, and aesthetics when choosing the material.


The thickness of the glass impacts both the durability and weight of the bong. Thicker glass offers increased resistance to breakage, making it suitable for clumsy users or frequent travelers. However, thicker glass bongs tend to be heavier and may affect portability. Strike a balance between durability and weight based on your lifestyle and smoking habits.

Brand and Reputation

Researching brands and reading customer reviews is essential to ensure you're investing in a high-quality bong. Reputable brands prioritize craftsmanship and use premium materials, resulting in reliable and long-lasting products. Look for brands with a track record of customer satisfaction, transparent manufacturing processes, and responsive customer service.


Bongs are available at various price points, ranging from affordable to luxurious. Set a budget before shopping to narrow down your options and prevent overspending. Keep in mind that higher-priced bongs often feature premium materials, intricate designs, and advanced functionalities. Assess your priorities regarding features versus budget to make an informed decision.


Consider the practical aspects of owning a bong, such as ease of cleaning and maintenance. Bongs with removable parts, such as detachable downstems and bowls, simplify the cleaning process and prolong the lifespan of the bong. Additionally, opt for designs with smooth surfaces and minimal crevices to prevent residue buildup and facilitate cleaning. Prioritize functionality to ensure a hassle-free smoking experience.

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Common Questions About Bongs

Are Bongs Good For Beginners

Yes, bongs are ideal for beginners due to their ability to provide smoother hits, making the smoking experience more comfortable. 

They're also easy to use and offer a variety of customizable options in terms of size, shape, and design, allowing beginners to find one that suits their preferences and needs without much hassle.

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Are Bongs Easier Than Pipes

Yes, for many beginners, bongs can be easier to use than pipes. Bongs typically have larger chambers, allowing for bigger hits with less effort, while pipes require more technique and precision in packing and lighting. 

Additionally, the water filtration in bongs can make the smoke smoother and less harsh on the throat compared to pipes.


What Is Bong Lung?

"Bong lung" is a term referring to potential lung issues from long-term, heavy use of bongs. 

It's associated with inhaling smoke, including tar and carcinogens, over time, similar to the risks of smoking cigarettes. However, more research is needed to understand the full extent of these health effects.


How To Use a Bong

Sweet you now now where to buy new bong but now how in the heck do you use it correctly.

 Where do you put the water in the bong? Do I have to inhale the smoke? There are 

probably a ton of questions running through your mind but lets just break it down real fast.

 It’s super simple.

Step 1- Add Water- Begin by filling the base of the bong with water. Pour water into

 the chamber until it sits just above the bottom of the downstem, ensuring 

proper filtration and cooling of the smoke.

Step 2- Load The Bowl- Properly packing the bowl is key to a smooth hit. Use a grinder 

to break up your herb. If you don’t have a grinder yet we have some top quality ones. 

check out this top list of grinders.. Another pro tip is to use a rolling tray to dump all 

your weed on too. Start by placing larger pieces at the bottom of the bowl for optimal

 airflow, then add finer ground weed on top. Avoid overpacking to maintain airflow.

Step 3- Position Mouth- Create a seal by placing your lips inside the mouthpiece rim

 rather than around its outer edge. This natural grip facilitates easier inhalation and

 prevents accidental ingestion of bong water.

Step 4- Light the bowl- Light one side or corner of the packed bowl while gently

 drawing air through the mouthpiece until the chamber fills with milky smoke. 

Lighting the edge of the bowl ensures even burning and preserves herb flavors.

 Consider using hemp wick for a cleaner taste experience.

Step 5- Inhale- Inhaling from a bong requires precise timing and control. 

As you light the bowl, gently inhale and pull air through the burning herb to generate smoke. 

The smoke travels through the downstem and into the water chamber until full.

Then, inhale more forcefully while removing the bowl or opening the carb to allow fresh air 

into the bong, pulling the smoke up through the tube and out the mouthpiece into your lungs.

 Be sure to clean your bong once your done using. This will keep from bacteria 

from growing and allow the best taste.. Here’s a complete guide on how to clean a bong the right way.

10 Best Bongs For Beginners To Use

Okay so I didn't put these in any order because we believe that any one of these bongs will be the best bong for a beginner. These are pretty cheap but durable bongs that will get the job done.


This was one of my first ever bongs bought. I still have the bong and that was years ago. I sometimes go back to this guy to bring back some good smoking memories.  The Slimzilla water pipe is a true gem. This is the perfect bong for a beginner smoker. It's easy to use and has an ice catcher. It will make for such better bong rips keeping you from having to cough.

Cheech & Chong "Pedro" Mini Beaker Bong

Among their collection is the Cheech & Chong "Pedro" Mini Beaker Bong, renowned for its wide and sturdy base adorned with unique colored accents, combining eye-catching aesthetics with functionality. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Pedro bong exemplifies the duo’s commitment to providing beginners

Glasslab 303 Color Accent Bong

The Glasslab 303 Beaker With Color Accent offers both simplicity and elegance in one package. Standing at 12 inches tall, this beaker bong is constructed from Glasslab’s premium 7mm thick scientific glass, ensuring durability and reliability.

LA Pipes Standard Beaker Water Pipe

This "Standard" Beaker Water Pipe functions just like breathing "standard" air. When the alternative is poor quality or no air at all, there's nothing quite like the excellence of a well-crafted standard. Standing at 12 inches tall. This beaker boasts 38mm heavy wall tubing and comes complete with a diffused downstem paired with a 14.5mm flower bowl.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

MARLEY NATURAL™ is committed to crafting distinctive. Top-tier products. Our elevated line of smoking accessories is meticulously crafted from handblown borosilicate glass. Guaranteeing both durability and sophistication. Every piece boasts a smoky tint and is adorned with a gold stripe. Paying homage to the vibrant Jamaican spirit.

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Original price was: $198.87.Current price is: $178.00.

MJ Arsenal Cache Bong with Built in Stash Jar

Standing at 7 inches tall, this beaker-style glass bong from MJ Arsenal packs a surprise. The Cache Bong is crafted from premium glass and showcases a 10mm female joint. Paired with a 10mm male flower bowl for your convenience. Setting itself apart from the rest, this beaker boasts a distinctive feature: a built-in storage jar attached to the basin.

Diamond Glass 8" Classic Beaker Bong

Introducing a no-frills, reliable beaker bong that gets the job done. Start with your standard-sized beaker. Then throw in an ice pinch and a fire-cut diffused downstem. Now we're cooking. It's no surprise that this beaker bong from Diamond Glass is a hit with the crowd. It's got all the essentials covered.

Dopezilla Chimera Water Pipe

This standout bong features a removable slitted downstem and ice notches, ensuring each hit is smooth, cooled, and incredibly flavorful. The downstem snugly fits into the 18.8mm ground 45-degree joint and boasts a 14.5mm top with a matching bowl for your convenience. Designed with a straight neck, this pipe includes a flared mouthpiece for added comfort.

Cheech & Chong Strawberry Mini Beaker Bong

Meet the 10-inch tall Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong, a proud member of Grasscity's lineup of top-notch, budget-friendly bongs. Crafted from thick and resilient borosilicate glass, this bong is your ideal companion for on-the-go adventures.